Tuesday, March 6, 2012

you like me...100 followers on Pinterest !

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I was so excited to find 100 followers of my Pinterest boards. I am up to 2809 pins on my 57 boards. I could do some thinning out but sometimes find pins that belong in multiple categories.  Ever find something amazing and then hesitate...didn't I already pin this?....oh what the heck and pin it again.  So far there are no pinning police.  One pet peeve is when a Facebook friend shares Every Time she pins something.  hello...uncheck that little facebook box.  But if it really is knock me over with a feather as I drop dead cuz it's that amazing....then please proceed with that Facebook share.

Pinterest wish......I wish there was a rearrange button inside the individual boards so I could organize them. And I wish there was a quick drag and drop when I accidentally plop that cupcake on my Puppy Love board. 

Happy Pinning! 

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Saturday, March 3, 2012

I Got My Cameo !

Silhouette Cameo
 Die Cutting Machine

     I almost kissed my UPS man Thursday when he delivered my Cameo. Poor guy was already haggard looking from driving his big brown truck against 40 mph wind gusts. He said it sounded like the roof was going to peel off!  At least we avoided the tornadoes that hit all around us. My prayers are with the victims.

     My Cameo was ordered early February from Oh My Crafts, taking advantage of their 25% off sale and free shipping. I had many questions and their customer service gal was awesome. Frankly I was really torn between the Cameo or the Eclips from Sizzix.  I was told upfront that they were ordering these machines in and the shipping date would be mid- Feb. I received numerous emails from OMC letting me know the expected ship date. When the blizzard affected my delivery I received another email, an apology, and a $5. gift card for my inconvenience. (It was only a week delay all together) Now that is how you do business!

While waiting for my Cameo, I downloaded the Silhouette Studio software from the Silhouette site and began familiarizing myself with the features.  I even downloaded the weekly free designs and started my wish list.  The software shouldn't be difficult to maneuver since I have been using Sure Cuts A Lot and Mate The Cut programs with my old die cutting machine. ( The one that no longer plays well with others).  Since I am so familiar with these two programs I don't know if I will use Studio very often, but we will see.  It was a quick -and free- upgrade to have the specific drivers needed to use SCAL and MTC with my new Cameo.

I am so excited!!!  Unfortunately my online college classes don't allow much time for playing this weekend. But I will be sure to post my cuttings.

I also ordered some vinyl from Oh My Crafts since they were practically giving it away ! It is not the heavy duty dishwasher and car wash resistant vinyl like what I get from H&H. It is Oracal Exhibition 631 the same stuff you buy from Provo Craft from what I understand. I am anxious to do some wording using the Cameo where I won't be limited to 12 or 24 inch lengths. Again I will let you know how that works out. 

Have a great weekend, and please remember the tornado victims in your prayers!
Life is so precious, and things can change so quickly here in the Midwest.

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