Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Tumblers

Easter Tumblers 

      The Webbe cousins and aunts all received embellished tumblers filled with Easter candy from me this year.  I tried to make each one unique for the special lady they were intended for.    The best selection of tumblers came from Home Goods, while the solid color ones came from Walmart. I used the H&H GT5 vinyl so they could be hand washed and remain intact without curling, peeling or fading.

Happy Easter Everyone!

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sure Cuts A Lot Version 3 Update

     A new version of Sure Cuts A Lot has been introduced for those cutting with die- cutting machines other than Provo Craft's Cricut machine. This is version 3. It will not be compatible with Cricut.
     Sure Cuts A Lot version 2 is compatible  with Cricut and is still available. Don't miss the boat!
If you have been in my classes you know how much I utilize this program to create unlimited designs and I can cut any True Type font from my computer.
    You will need a USB cord to connect your computer to your die-cutting machine.
     Click on my SCAL2 link for more information.  The forum at this site will answer many of your questions.
If you are a visual learner Google SCAL tutorials on YouTube and watch what all this amazing software will allow you to do.  Believe me you do not need to be that computer savvy to reap the benefits of this program, not do you need to use Inkscape anymore.
 Have fun!   

Create something beautiful today! 

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Gina's Creative Chaos: Denise at Paper Pastimes

Denise at Paper Pastimes

Are You Feeling Neglected?

    You have been neglected my dear friends. and I am sorry. This girl has been burning the midnight oil between my two college courses through the University of Texas/Arlington and being a wife and mom.
    It is track season for us. Josh is a junior this year and has been pole vaulting, running hurdles, doing long jumps and now they have him running the distance in 800 and 400 events.  I am the unofficial team photographer and keep the Shutterfly share site updated.  And these track meets are an all afternoon-evening endurance test.
   I am ready for some warm dry weather for not only my son but for my Nikon as well!

    Easter is just days away. I am taking my oldest sons goody basket to the post office after this blog. Yes, my freshman son is hanging out down at school and not coming home for Easter. sniff sniff.  And with Marshall working I have decided it is road trip time for Josh & I. We are spending time with family "down south".
and I don't plan on showing up empty handed.  Diane from Capadia has inspired me with her Easter eggs and her cute shaped cards. Thanks Diane!  And Denise from Paper Pastimes has some really cute baskets to download for a donation.  She deserves the donation. She is so generous with her time creating easy to follow tutorials and clever projects.  Click on the blue links to see some awesome Easter projects.
   Todays plan: finish the tumblers. put the candy in the tumblers, put the tumblers in the baskets, back up, make the baskets, embellish the baskets, embellish the store bought plastic eggs ( sorry I am not blowing egg whites today) finish the cards, I mean start then finish the cards.... Laundry, pack, finish homework......and go.

                                     Better Blogging Next Week

Happy Easter.  The holiday that gives a reason to celebrate the other holidays.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Photography Composition

     Today Everyday Elements posted a link to Photographymad's tutorial on the top 10 photography composition rules.  I work with people often trying to create beautiful scrapbook layouts while working with photos they are not happy with.  Poor composition is often the culprit. Taking a quick shot of that beautiful smiling child without being aware of the distracting background is pretty common. Understanding how to adjust the depth of field so as to blur the background is one answer. Sometimes just moving a few inches or shooting from a different angle will solve the problem.
     The rules used for photography composition also apply to create visually appealing scrapbook pages.
Take a minute to study these beautiful photo examples of effective composition.

See Everyday Elements to learn more about improving your photography.

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