Friday, March 25, 2011

Vinyl Information

     This is that sweet vinyl I was using in class."Cuts like butter".  I didn't mean to snub the Cricut vinyl but you probably noticed how much easier mine was to work with. It makes me look good! Lol.
The transfer tape I use is also from H&H; Clear Choice 12 inch medium tac. I started with a 12 x24 sheet and it lasted forever, You just kept reusing it.
The vinyl I started with was the GT5 - 5 pack 5 yards each and picked my top 5 colors, I use matte black,( I think it looks more like paint), white, blue, green and pink. Thats 25 yards. You get 4 feet from Provo Craft.
Remember, the GT5 is outdoor sign vinyl, it will hold up to the elements, meaning it will hold up on cups, tumblers, car windshields, etc.  It is not recommended for wall applications. The people at H&H are great to work with and will answer any questions.  Just make sure your surface is squeaky clean  !  Be warned this vinyl work is addicting!

Click here for the  H & H GT5 Color Chart

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Creativity Unleashed

     I am one of those people that will drive you crazy in a restaurant. I am notorious for asking if the menu item can be tweaked. " Could I have that broiled instead of grilled and how about asparagus instead of broccoli," yeah, you know my type.
     It is the same when I am crafting. And quite evident when I am using my die cutter machine, My Cricut Expression.  Those designs on the cartridges are cute, but I would rather cut out my own design, or use a font I have on my computer.  I will spent time drawing or stamping something, scanning it, putting it into Sure Cuts A Lot2, altering it if I chose, previewing it on my widescreen computer monitor, then sending it to my Cricut through the USB card....voila, I have created something !
    My eyes are too old to work very long on the Gypsy screen. After working with SCAL2 and then going to Design Studio it is like going from a mountain bike to a tricycle. Frustrating.
I still buy Cricut Cartridges, on sale, never paying more than $25.00 for a cartridge.  Why should I when I have so many cool designs (SVGs) I have downloaded FREE from the internet. And cool designs too!
I can't tell you how much I enjoy using this incredible program.
      Recently I became an affiliate with Sure Cuts A Lot2. If you click on my link to the Sure Cuts A Lot site (Craft-edge) and purchase, I will be monetarily compensated. Keep in mind I was promoting this product long before I signed up for the affiliation. Just keeping it real.  I would suggest you trying out the trial, playing with it, and then decide. There are tons of tutorials on YouTube if you want to check them out.  I would teach classes here if my craft room wasn't such a mess all the time!

Monday, March 21, 2011

How about a Money saving Cricut Tip? 

How to Sharpen your Cricut blades:

  1. Cover your mat with heavy-duty aluminum foil.
  2. Make sure your blade is in the machine as usual.
  3. Set your sped to min or 1 and pressure to low or 1.
  4. Cut some large letters, O’s and K’s are good as you get a lot of straight and curved lines. 4 or 5 large shapes should do the trick. The Eiffel tower cut was a test cut after sharpening an old dull blade.

Why Can't We All Just Get Along ? 

Provo Craft is now suing SCAL after a lawsuit they won against Make the Cut. If you are a Make the Cut user I strongly suggest you do not upgrade your software because MTC will have to disable the Cricut compatibility in the next upgrade.  If they win the lawsuit against SCAL they will also have to remove the cricut compatibility on future upgrades.  BUT if you already have it or if you buy SCAL2 now you will be OK, just don’t update it after.

There is even a facebook group called Boycott Provo Craft, people are really upset over this, many of the ladies are ready to dump their cricut and carts in Boston Harbor-OK I’m Kidding but they are rushing to sell them on EBAY and buy cutters that will work with outside software. I’m keeping my cricut, it is still going to work with SCAL2 and if it breaks some sad day then I will look at another brand.
So, that is all I am going to say about the Cricut lawsuit business, if you want more info on this you can read a well written article on Scrapbook Update here and here

from the frugalcrafter  blog site

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cricut Classes Materials List

 Basic Cricut ( Let's Cricut) Class Materials

In this class we explore fundamental Cricut operations.This includes care of mat & blades, understanding the cartridge features, and the unique feature keys, machine settings and functions.  We learn paper placement and navigation on the mat. We cover  depth, pressure and speed setting determinations.

Cricut Machine, Mat in good condition
Cartridge with book and overlay- Plantin-Schoolbook or basic cartridge that came with machine
tools- spatula, tweezers, 

                 paper and handouts provided 

Advance Cricut Class Materials         


In this class we work with vinyl, etch on glass, and cut fabric while learning more of the features of the Cricut machine
   If the students just want to do one of the techniques and watch the others that is fine, then they won't need to buy all the  supplies

Please bring the basics : 
Cricut Machine, Mat, Cartridge with overlay and book - one with nice font would be nice.

Glass Etching requires         flat glass surface or mirror,  Armour Etch,  Cricut vinyl, cricut tool kit ( tweezers, spatula, smoothing tool) 
  I will provide paint brushes 

Vinyl technique requires      flat item to put vinyl item on like a 5 x 7 picture frame with glass,  cricut vinyl, transfer paper, cricut tool kit
 ( need spatula, tweezer, smoothing tool ) 

Fabric cutting requires              12 inch square of tightly woven light-weigh pressed fabric, Heat and Bond applied to back, cricut tool kit (spatula and smoothing tool or brayer) starch optional
Cricut mat should be very sticky ( like new) and new or like new blade

A class size maximum of 6 would be optimum.  They need room for their machines, tools, mat to lay flat, and glass etching project.

Gina Herman

Students can email me at 


Thursday, March 10, 2011

                                             Recent Vinyl Projects 

      I love working with vinyl !  I am showing 2 recent vinyl projects that I have been complemented on.  Both projects use GT-5 vinyl from H & H Sign Supply.

     "Once an Eagle..." is on a plastic beverage dispenser, the 4 gallon size.  I decorated this same dispenser 4 times now, lastly for 2 Eagle Scout ceremonies.

     I used SCAL2 software for my Cricut.  The eagle is cut from metallic gold using the eaglemania font . I will have to look up the fonts but as you can see on both projects I usually mix fonts.

     When layering vinyl make sure you have your first layer smooth before applying the second layer.  This is a "quick, tight grab" and difficult to reposition . This is why I love working with the clear medium tack transfer vinyl I get from H & H.  I can mark on my surface with removable marker, as guidelines and then see where it is going. I "kiss cut" at 3-3-3: blade-depth-speed. 
     When designing my project I create my layout on a square or rectangle the size of my finished project.  Then I can see exactly how it will fit. I then turn that layer off before cutting.  I will screen shot one for you next time.
    The monogrammed platter is about 10" and came from Walmart.  I made several of these as Christmas presents and the mosaic tile design on the platter seemed to go with anyone's home decor.  

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awesome software for your Silhouette or other die cutting machine, no longer supports Cricut products

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