Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Review of a font previewing app

I recently stumbled upon Wordmark, a free app from the Google Chrome store that will display a short phrase or group of letters using the fonts loaded on your computer.  Often I think I like a font only to find a letter not looking like I expected or not liking the ampersand symbol.  With this app I can quickly scroll through my fonts, select which ones to compare, print a listing of my favorites for reference, or show my preferred fonts to a client.  I love it. Here is a screen capture :

With over 1200 fonts on my computer, I can quickly get mired down as to which font to go with. Wordmark helps me to narrow down my selections.  And did I mention it is free!  Look for it in your app store.  I checked it for malware and according to McAfee it was safe to use. 
  Maybe I will spend some time and delete some of my never used fonts......or not. 

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  1. The best font previewer I have ever found is The Font Thing, which I have been using for 15 years. It still works great on Windows 7, except that you can't install & load fonts through the font thing program. I keep the font files organized in folders and just go to the correct folder and install it through windows explorer. The Font Thing is great, you can browse fonts in specific locations, organize them into collections, see all the fonts that are installed on your computer. You can preview any text in one or multiple fonts. I don't know why nobody has ever created a font program like this. She still keeps it online for download here - I just run it as is, I don't use compatibility mode, and every time it starts I have to give it permission when it first starts. But I wouldn't trade it for anything, I use it every day!


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