Monday, September 19, 2011

 Happy Fall Y'all !

Today I found some Fabulous fall Subway art at Today's Fabulous Find Janet has these as well as other seasonal Subway Art posters she has created for free download at her site and offers them in several colors. Thank you Janet!  Someone new to swing by and visit with! I am going to reproduce mine in vinyl on a store bought frame then put some subtle fall paper inside the frame. I suppose I could also put leaves in the frame. Hmmm....

                                                                 ..................Does anyone else seem to spend more time admiring other peoples creativity and not enough time  getting busy utilizing their own creativity? I am so guilty.  I spend hours looking through the idea galleries at SVGcuts or My Vinyl Designer or Lettering Delights to name a few. And then I have my daily blog list I go through with my coffee several times a week. Then I read the forums at Make the Cuts or Craftedge for Sure Cuts A lot. or Smart Buy Gal.  I learn so much ! But it does take away from my design time.

   This weekend I bought my first set of Letraset Promarkers. (Joann's with 50% off coupon). This set 1 has 12 basic colors and the blender pen. These are the permanent twin-tip alcohol based markers. Perhaps similar to Copics, but not refillable. But $15 for the set.  I stamped some fall images. Googled YouTube Promaster tutorials and practiced while watching others shading and blending with these great markers.  I discovered I need better cardstock to avoid bleed through, and probably order some Gina K  pure luxury as recommended by others.
   Next I got out my Koh-I Noor colored pencils and then blended using my new Promarker blender...Awesome! ( a tip from Gina K )  While in the past I have used odorless mineral spirits (OMS) or baby oil with Q-tip "stubs" the blender pen was effortless and I had such control without leaving a "wet spot" from the OMS.  I promise to post as I finish my images. Keep in mind I was practicing a new technique.
   Does this redeem me from too much lurking and not enough finishing my own projects? no. But tomorrow is another day. I gotta get busy !   

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  1. Thanks so much for featuring my subway art! You're not the only one, there are definately days when I'm content to just look at everyone elses creativity. :)


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