Friday, December 14, 2012

Glass Block gifts for 2012
As usual, I hurriedly finished my blocks, wrapped them and gave them out at our family Christmas party, without taking photos !  Here is a photo of one and I Photoshopped out the smiling recipients face. ( She didn't want her picture on a blog).  On this particular 8 x 8 block I used etching cream twice on the face prior to applying my vinyl design.  Although the block was thoroughly cleaned with both soapy water and then alcohol, my etching was less then perfect. I left the cream on for more than an hour each time. This is the case with many tempered glass products.  It was enough to obscure the glass and diffuse a light placed inside.   For other projects I still prefer the look of a piece of vellum placed inside and secured with a glue dot. The vellum method is quick, clean and cheap. All in favor raise your glitter dusted hand. 
I combined a couple of the Nativity files I found on the Silhouette online site. It was tempting to buy them all during their big sale the beginning of December.   If I find a photo of the other blocks I will post them as well.
Merry Christmas my crafty friends!

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