Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Creativity Unleashed

     I am one of those people that will drive you crazy in a restaurant. I am notorious for asking if the menu item can be tweaked. " Could I have that broiled instead of grilled and how about asparagus instead of broccoli," yeah, you know my type.
     It is the same when I am crafting. And quite evident when I am using my die cutter machine, My Cricut Expression.  Those designs on the cartridges are cute, but I would rather cut out my own design, or use a font I have on my computer.  I will spent time drawing or stamping something, scanning it, putting it into Sure Cuts A Lot2, altering it if I chose, previewing it on my widescreen computer monitor, then sending it to my Cricut through the USB card....voila, I have created something !
    My eyes are too old to work very long on the Gypsy screen. After working with SCAL2 and then going to Design Studio it is like going from a mountain bike to a tricycle. Frustrating.
I still buy Cricut Cartridges, on sale, never paying more than $25.00 for a cartridge.  Why should I when I have so many cool designs (SVGs) I have downloaded FREE from the internet. And cool designs too!
I can't tell you how much I enjoy using this incredible program.
      Recently I became an affiliate with Sure Cuts A Lot2. If you click on my link to the Sure Cuts A Lot site (Craft-edge) and purchase, I will be monetarily compensated. Keep in mind I was promoting this product long before I signed up for the affiliation. Just keeping it real.  I would suggest you trying out the trial, playing with it, and then decide. There are tons of tutorials on YouTube if you want to check them out.  I would teach classes here if my craft room wasn't such a mess all the time!

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