Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cricut Classes Materials List

 Basic Cricut ( Let's Cricut) Class Materials

In this class we explore fundamental Cricut operations.This includes care of mat & blades, understanding the cartridge features, and the unique feature keys, machine settings and functions.  We learn paper placement and navigation on the mat. We cover  depth, pressure and speed setting determinations.

Cricut Machine, Mat in good condition
Cartridge with book and overlay- Plantin-Schoolbook or basic cartridge that came with machine
tools- spatula, tweezers, 

                 paper and handouts provided 

Advance Cricut Class Materials         


In this class we work with vinyl, etch on glass, and cut fabric while learning more of the features of the Cricut machine
   If the students just want to do one of the techniques and watch the others that is fine, then they won't need to buy all the  supplies

Please bring the basics : 
Cricut Machine, Mat, Cartridge with overlay and book - one with nice font would be nice.

Glass Etching requires         flat glass surface or mirror,  Armour Etch,  Cricut vinyl, cricut tool kit ( tweezers, spatula, smoothing tool) 
  I will provide paint brushes 

Vinyl technique requires      flat item to put vinyl item on like a 5 x 7 picture frame with glass,  cricut vinyl, transfer paper, cricut tool kit
 ( need spatula, tweezer, smoothing tool ) 

Fabric cutting requires              12 inch square of tightly woven light-weigh pressed fabric, Heat and Bond applied to back, cricut tool kit (spatula and smoothing tool or brayer) starch optional
Cricut mat should be very sticky ( like new) and new or like new blade

A class size maximum of 6 would be optimum.  They need room for their machines, tools, mat to lay flat, and glass etching project.

Gina Herman

Students can email me at 


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