Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Busy Saturday !

    My "to do list" isn't singing out "Ta Da" but it was fun creating some chaos in my crap..oops I mean craft room today.  I am teaching an advanced Cricut class Tuesday night and thought I better practice my skills.
                                                                   yes..I Have Skills.
     We will be doing some vinyl applications, some glass etching, and fabric cutting using our Cricut die cutting machines.  What's a Cricut? What cave did you just crawl out of?  So imagine you take the ink jets out of your printer and put in a cutting blade.. no not so much..anyway it is a computerized cutting machine made by Provo Craft. You cut paper or vinyl, or fabric or whatever by either using these great but expensive little cartridges, or you use an after market software program like Sure Cuts a Lot and cut your own designs  or fonts. Way more cool.       anyway  I decided to try etching a heart design on this neat red vase . I thought the red was through and through. It was actually an applied finish and when I removed the vinyl it removed the red. Hummm maybe a new technique ?
        I dug some "on the way to Goodwill" gold framed mirrors out, did some ornate flourish etching in the corners and voi la !  Now they are keepers, and may still monogram etch the center.  But will work for class demo.
    Still working on Valentines goodies? Me too.  Lettering Delights had some A-Dor-Able valentines SVG and graphics. I still need to finish the little animal boxes I picked up. Everytime I turn around they are adding to their collection. I know alot of people use Make the Cut to cut the LD files but I have had SCAL2 and it is working great for me. If it's not broke don't replace it !
     I gave my Gypsy a little love today too. I just received it for Christmas and I thought I would use it more. I think I am spoiled to working on files with my widescreen monitor but it is nice not to have to dig for cartridges.
I am not ready to teach a Gypsy class although JoAnn's has asked me to.
Todays cartridges used....Sweetheart, A Child's Year, and Cindy Loo plus Lettering Delights stuff.
                    Don't you wish you were in my class ? ! ?  

                           I will eventually get some pictures up. Promise.
     I still need to throw some laundry in and write an essay that's due tomorrow !!!!
                                                                                                                                      See Ya


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